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(1) the consumption of tungsten
International Tungsten Association statistics indicate that global consumption of tungsten showed the trend of steady growth year by year, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 the world's annual consumption of tungsten were 4.5 million tons, 55,000 tons, 6 million tons and 70000 tons, of which the largest tungsten consumption in countries and regions, mainly China, Europe, North America and Japan. In 2005, China's consumption of about 25,000 tons, 20,000 tons in Europe, North America at 12,000 tons, 8,000 tons in Japan, other regions of about 5,000 tons. In 2006, China tungsten consumption of about 2.5 million tons, the world's total consumption of 35.7% tungsten.

(2) the basic characteristics of
tungsten processing industry is relatively backward country is tungsten resource base for industrial raw material
Tungsten production in many countries, only the United States, Sweden, Japan and Austria is to have a strong tungsten industry in the state enterprises, but their proportion of the amount of tungsten minerals are very small.

Tungsten industries are relatively backward countries in more than 95% of tungsten raw materials, which provide China with more than 85% of the raw materials. The form of raw materials from tungsten ore to a variety of tungstate, tungsten oxide, tungsten carbide powder, tungsten billet of iron and tungsten. China's export structure of tungsten products in Table 3, we can see ,2002-2006, with exports of tungsten wire and products accounted for only 2-3%. In addition in recent years, the U.S. Department of Defense to sell part of the tungsten, the rest are from China, CIS countries and other developed countries tungsten industry does not get.

addition to China, Western Europe, the United States and Japan are the largest tungsten demand in the countries and regions

Tungsten carbide is the largest consumption
Carbide production companies around the world about 600-700 companies located in more than 40 countries, mainly in Western Europe, the United States, Japan and China. These inter-enterprise production scale, technology level, basic equipment, product variety and quality of the gap is very big. Carbide production in recent years, the world around 31500-33000 tonnes, cemented carbide tools market volume of about 100 billion U.S. dollars. Is apparent from Table 4, consumption of tungsten carbide, the average ratio is about 54.5%.

High-tech industries to promote the sustainable development of tungsten
The mid-80s of last century, many experts believe that the development of cemented carbide to a relatively stable, and difficult period of history a major breakthrough, but the high-tech developments have completely changed this view.

The 20th century, 90's, carbide business with the times, with the computer integrated production line technological transformation of the traditional realized from the information - Design - Manufacturing - Inspection - Packing - all the storage out of the library automation. Tungsten product quality on high-tech to achieve a new leap, ion exchange, solvent extraction, membrane technology, a comprehensive upgrade of the tungsten smelting technology and equipment levels, all kinds of tungsten acid, tungsten salts, tungsten oxide, tungsten powder, tungsten carbide powder particle size in the nanometer to 100 microns within the framework of effective control. General merchandise for more than 99.95% purity, a number of advanced enterprises can create 5N, 6N ultra-high pure powder material.

Multiple compound of rare earth doped, effectively improve the ductility of tungsten material energy, electrode arcing and stable arc performance, create a new generation of better overall performance without the radioactive contamination of the electrode material to replace thorium tungsten electrode.

In the field of tungsten carbide industry is more active than other materials. Precision molding, injection molding, extrusion molding, pressure injection molding, multi-atmosphere pressure sintering and CVD-PVD process applications, multi-composite coatings and nano-coatings, functionally gradient materials, high strength, high hardness of the ultrafine alloy, surface composite ceramic coating, metal ceramic realize industrialization, greatly increasing drilling tools, cutting tools, production efficiency, but also in the field of implementation of machining coolant-free high-speed machining. Carbide market for nearly 10 years the annual growth rate of 2.4%.
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World Tungsten Industry Development Status And Analysis - Pvc Butterfly Valve - China Wafer Type

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World Tungsten Industry Development Status And Analysis - Pvc Butterfly Valve - China Wafer Type

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