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Million this year, the city's industrial added value is expected to decrease energy consumption by about 5%.

12 24 learned from Ningbo Wang Long Group Co., Ltd., this year, the company invested nearly 100 million yuan used to improve the production process, eliminating the backward Production Line Not only improves productivity, reduces emissions and By-product Production, but also recovery of the production process of steam, exhaust gas and waste water. Now, the company produced per 1 ton of sorbic acid costs about 1,600 yuan lower than the original.

WANG Group is the development of industrial economy of growth from the amount of change to improve the quality of a miniature. Now, break the bottleneck of resources, while improving the value of efforts to reduce energy consumption, is becoming the city's general goal of a common enterprise. It is estimated that the first three quarters of this year, city-scale industrial added value in million comprehensive energy consumption decreased by 8.79% a year. City Economic Development Board predicted to be completed this year, the city's total industrial output value 140 billion yuan, up 17.2% over last year, while the city's 10,000 yuan of industrial added value of energy consumption will decline about 5%.

Address economic development and reduce the energy consumption of this contradiction, the application of new technologies, new techniques, new equipment is essential. Ningbolangdi company invested 530,000 yuan for the 56 sets of injection molding equipment to install energy-saving Inverter , Put into use in two months to save electricity 300,000 yuan, a move to resolve the issue of supply constraints on production capacity; Sheng Kang Paper Through technological innovation, the use of equipment enthalpy emitted high in saturated waste steam pressure and high temperature condensate return to drum again, the greatly reduced Boiler Coal-water consumption, Energy More than 25% efficiency in the cooling water recovery of 90% or more, alone, can reduce the annual cost of one million yuan or more; Tandi Forging 9 sets of large companies by Heat Treatment Furnace to make 1 ton forging coal consumption dropped from the original 1 ton to 800 kg; long vibration Copper by nearly two years of technical innovation and strict energy saving Management , The first three quarters this year, overall energy consumption per unit of production fell to 0.252 tons of standard coal, down 36.7% over the same period last year.

Use advanced technology to transform and upgrade traditional industries, efforts to reduce "big" energy consumption, economic growth is changing the way our city is another effective measure. Stainless steel Industry is the leading industry Hemudu town, annual production value of more than 70 steel companies account for 70% of the total town about the economy. However, in these steel companies, in addition to a few obvious energy saving equipment, the electric arc furnace and refining furnace, most enterprises still a small tonnage of the main frequency melting furnace, the town has thus become the city's energy consumption large. In order to guide the enterprises to intensive, saving expansion path, the city levels of government through policy incentives and other measures to encourage enterprises to adopt AOD, VOD Refining furnaces and continuous casting, rolling and other advanced energy-saving equipment, both to improve the backward production technology, but also reduce energy consumption. It is learned only this year, Ningbo Quanxing Investment Stainless Steel Industrial Co., Ltd., a company on the implementation of 32 energy-saving technology projects, businesses reduce annual consumption of 360 tons of raw materials, water consumption more than 240,000 tons, the coal consumption of 2776 tons. [Key words]: Inverter Energy Saving Comment Large In Small
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Inverter To Industrial Economy Into A Saving Yuyao Efficiency Of Road - Inverter, Energy

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Inverter To Industrial Economy Into A Saving Yuyao Efficiency Of Road - Inverter, Energy

This article was published on 2011/01/17