Heavy Black White Standby Power Light Work "crippled"

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Today, when consumers buy home appliances, energy saving has become an important choice based on energy-saving appliances sprung up. But in the interview, the reporter also found that both appliance manufacturers and consumers, all eyes will be invested in energy saving product energy consumption during use, while the standby power consumption of the product has little importance, leading to energy-saving products sometimes not very common phenomenon of energy.

consumers know little about the standby power consumption

Standby power is switched off after the appliance is still under the standby consumption of electrical energy. And products in the effective use of energy generated in the process is different from the standby power consumption is a completely waste of energy. Such as a remote control off the TV or air conditioning, electrical may seem quiet, but still continued to consume itself with energy, and because of this standby state is often a long duration, resulting in standby power consumption often become a lot of "electric tiger." It is estimated that the average Chinese urban household standby power consumption has accounted for about 10% of the total energy consumption, equivalent to 24 points with a 30-watt night-light.

Although the standby power consumption

amazing, but due to the implementation of the single product, the same process of using much smaller than the power consumption, many consumers a poor sense of standby power consumption, and insufficient attention. In the interview, many consumers told reporters do not understand the concept of the standby power consumption. A small number of consumers that know that, after all, is a small number of standby power consumption, has little effect on the family economy, there is no need for too much attention.

Reporters in Beijing Fengtai crossing the country store deliberately U.S. survey of 20 consumers, the results all the time that the purchase of home appliances products will only be concerned about the use of energy, but will not be considered standby power. The Chinese Tie-nan, director of energy-saving product certification that this understanding is to consider their small accounts, but not concerned about the country's major accounts, is very undesirable.

Most manufacturers do not focus on standby power consumption

Although the standby power of home appliances is in fact electric tiger, but due to the overall consumer unconscious, has led to household electrical appliance enterprises deliberately unconscious. Journalists in the survey found that, while household electrical appliance enterprises are vigorously promoting energy-saving products, but this energy-saving products limited to the use of lower energy consumption, and less energy consumption related to standby. Moreover, in the home appliance manufacturer promotion of energy saving products, but also deliberately ignore the standby power consumption, resulting in consumers standby power consumption level of heavier unconscious.

's Survey found that almost all the descriptions of products are not labeled on the standby power consumption, and in store marketing and publicity is also no mention of the standby power consumption. Chen Gang, deputy secretary general of Association of Chinese home appliance that is unconscious as a deliberate appliance manufacturers, resulting in sales of home appliances in China's overall high standby power consumption.

Ministry of Information Industry Zhao Bo, deputy director of electronic products told reporters, and now TV manufacturers are very aware of television's use of energy, domestic sales of television product has been effective in reducing energy consumption, but the standby power consumption is very is not satisfactory, the average standby power consumption up to 807 watts, while the developed countries in the international standby power requirements of only 3 watts.

heavy white black light work of a lame leg standby power consumption

It is understood that as early as 2002, China began the implementation of household electrical appliances standby power consumption 1 watt program, but has been slow, but still remain in the television products such as black, while white, such as air conditioners, microwave ovens, washing machines and wait energy consumption of large machine is not listed in the plan, resulting in white standby power products of technological innovation as a whole lagged behind.

However, the reporter recently learned that this situation has been Pescod broken Pescod, by "North Olympic Light" series of new product launch, officially launched the air conditioning industry, 1 watt standby power plan to the China Energy Conservation Product Certification Center Standby energy saving air conditioning submitted proposals.

Chen Gang, deputy secretary general of China Association said home appliance, home appliance standby power consumption heavy black light white phenomenon should be reversed, otherwise it will result in the development of China's home appliance industry crippled, very detrimental to the overall development of China's home appliance industry, and enhance international competitiveness.

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Heavy Black White Standby Power Light Work "crippled"

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This article was published on 2010/09/12