Collective Unconscious Consumer Appliances To Be Concerned About The Standby Power Consumption

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Electrical products,


Is an important selection basis, a corresponding energy-saving appliances have also sprung up. But the reporter found that in the interview, whether corporate or consumer, have to focus on the products in the energy consumption during use, while little attention to the standby power consumption.

Standby power is turned off


Remain in standby mode after the consumption of


Energy. And products in the effective use of energy generated in the process is different from the standby power consumption is a completely waste of energy. As with

Remote control




Air conditioning

Electrical may seem quiet, but in fact is still continuing to consume the power, and often as standby for a long duration, resulting in a lot of standby power consumption as the "electric tiger." It is estimated that the average Chinese urban household standby power consumption has accounted for about 10% of the total energy consumption, equivalent to 24 points with a 30-watt night-light.

Although the standby power consumption

amazing, but due to the implementation of a single product, with the process of using much smaller than the power consumption, many consumers focus on standby power consumption and insufficient. Interviews indicated that many consumers do not understand the concept of standby power consumption, a small number of consumers said that, after all, is that the standby power consumption is a small number of little economic impact on the family, do not need too much attention.


States United States

Beijing Fengtai intersection shop random survey of 20 consumers, the results all indicated that only concern when purchasing home appliances use energy, and will not be considered standby power. The Chinese Tie-nan, director of energy-saving product certification that this understanding is to consider their small accounts, but not concerned about the country's major accounts, is very undesirable.

Consumers standby power "collective unconscious", even home appliances enterprises, inadequate attention to the standby power consumption. Although the companies are vigorously promoting energy-saving products, but it is limited to reduce energy use more energy, and less energy consumption related to standby. Not only that, enterprises are often overlooked when conducting publicity standby power consumption, leading to neglect of the consumer more standby power consumption.

Reporter found that almost all the descriptions of products are not marked on the standby power consumption, and in store marketing and publicity is also no mention of standby power consumption. Chen Gang, deputy secretary general of China Household Electrical Appliances Association pointed out that precisely because of this attitude of business, resulting in sales of home appliances in China's overall high standby power consumption.

Ministry of Information Industry


Zhao Bo, deputy director of product told reporters, now


Enterprises have paid great attention


The use of energy, domestic sales of television products have been used effectively reduce energy consumption, but the standby power consumption is very poor, the average standby power consumption up to 807 watts, while the international standby power requirements of only the developed countries 3 watts.

Not long ago, led by the Standard Certification Center was launched in the country, "1 W Scheme", target is 2010, so that the standby power consumption of electrical appliances sold to 1 watt to, this program focuses on air-conditioning, TV,


High standby power consumption appliances have been made. In fact, the "1-watt Plan" has already been successfully applied in some foreign countries, such as 2006, "Energy Star" certification in the United States would save consumers 140 billion dollars in electricity, saving the electricity equal to 1. 5 Three Gorges



But experts also pointed out that the prevailing winds of speculation consumer electronics market, we must guard against "1-watt Plan" has become a gimmick of some business speculation.

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Collective Unconscious Consumer Appliances To Be Concerned About The Standby Power Consumption

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This article was published on 2010/09/10