Buy Fridge Return Weapon: Grasping Fresh Look At Power Consumption, Select Volume

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Recently many consumers to reflect, in response to the call of the national energy conservation, specifically in my refrigerator to spend heavily for the day when the special low power consumption energy saving refrigerator, but use the process only to find it impossible to achieve the Japanese power companies claimed level, many claiming to be low power consumption of refrigerators in use in much higher power consumption, and some even twice or several times.

For consumers to reflect, I visited some of the household appliance market specifically and the industry


Found in energy saving refrigerator market, the Japanese power traps, consumers believe that if the excessive power of publicity on the day, companies can easily fall into the trap set number.

The author of several major home appliances in Shenzhen


Visited found that the market has really dazzling array of energy saving refrigerator, but the daily consumption of 0.35 degrees, 0.4 degrees per day consumption, the European A +

Energy consumption




Posters quite attractive to consumers. The store of these ads, in addition to the Japanese consumer consumption figures can read things, such as the European A + energy consumption standards for few people able to speak to understand, but


Personnel could not explain to the writer to understand.

On to consumers in energy consumption has become an important reference for the refrigerator. As everyone knows, it is clear that the number of people, in many cases has become a consumer trap. Experts noted that, in order to know the energy efficiency of a refrigerator, be read in the daily consumption of 0.35 degrees or 0.4 degrees. If a station effective volume of 212 liters, the power consumption of 0.48 degrees and a fridge effective volume of 259 liters, 0.58 degrees for the refrigerator power consumption compared, from the identification point of view, more energy consumption of 0.48 degrees, but the comprehensive consider the effective volume, the fact is 259 liters, power consumption 0.58 degrees more energy-efficient refrigerator. But many consumers to buy energy-saving refrigerator, but rarely take into account the effective volume of the refrigerator problem.

In addition, the cooling effectiveness and quality of products is a measure of whether or not an important factor in energy-saving refrigerators. Some refrigerator one-sided pursuit of low power consumption at the expense of cooling effectiveness and quality of products, such a refrigerator on low power consumption, though, but the cooling effect is also low, keeping the refrigerator unit time and frozen inside the effect is not good. Therefore, when consumers purchase energy-saving refrigerators, energy consumption not only depends on, more depends on the refrigerator cooling effect, cooling effect and the day only the best combination of power, can only achieve energy conservation.

Experts support the three strategies for consumers: grasping fresh look at energy consumption, selected volume. Energy-saving is important, but the core functions of the refrigerator or fresh, as long as the consumer, "both on three sides", you can avoid vendor "Fudge", out of the refrigerator power consumption figures on the trap to the bed of roses to buy energy-efficient refrigerator.
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Buy Fridge Return Weapon: Grasping Fresh Look At Power Consumption, Select Volume

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This article was published on 2010/09/12