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Third Plenary Session of the Seventeenth through the "CPC Central Committee on rural reform, development and a number of important issues" raised in 2020, we should build a new socialist countryside, agricultural modernization with Chinese characteristics and to accelerate the formation integration of urban and rural economic and social development pattern of three organic link, as a whole. This constitutes the CPC Central Committee in the future the general concept of rural development. Late last year, affected by the new economic situation changes, the central economic work conference has put forward the "capital growth, expand domestic demand, adjust the structure and improve people" is the focus of future work for some time.

Expand rural consumption is to improve their living standards, and this is the third and seventh last year, the implementation of the Central Economic Working Conference of the specific embodiment. Expand rural consumption can improve their living standards, expanding domestic demand and promoting economic development is to contribute to the product structure is also conducive to enterprise restructuring and technological upgrading. Expand rural consumption, so that farmers may benefit, business may benefit, the government would win popular support for developing the economy, will be win-win situation.

Rural market potential Ministry of Commerce: perfect circulation network in rural areas, rural consumption. Comprehensively promote

Bringing home appliances Promote the upgrading of the structure of rural consumption. Continue to promote the "Ten Thousand Villages," the market works, farm shop to expand the coverage, improve capacity and integrated unified distribution

Service Function. Accelerate the improvement of agricultural product distribution network, launching the "agriculture super-butt", and building cold chain from the origin to the supermarket system and rapid detection system. Improve the circulation system of agricultural means of production. Effectively improve the market environment to promote safe consumption.

The possibility of expanding the rural consumption, the current number of parties have different versions. For example, the implementation

Home Appliances The countryside, on a significant role in stimulating rural consumption, some people think its possible for large brands, large enterprises long-term benefit may not be beneficial to small businesses, but also that the companies developing the rural market, a lot of constraints.

Some international point of view, when a country's per capita GDP (GDP) reached 2000 U.S. dollars, people's consumption level will be a new upgrade. China's per capita GDP in 2007 reached 2490 U.S. dollars, are from a number of growth to the growth and quality growth in the number of parallel changes. This trend is more evident in the city, while in rural areas, as per capita income was 4,761 yuan last year, far below the level of 2000 U.S. dollars. Therefore, the market potential is not reality huge demand.

Expand domestic demand, the greatest potential in rural areas; to achieve stable and rapid economic development, infrastructure support in agriculture; to protect and improve people's livelihood, focusing on difficulties in the farmers.

Present, the rural market potential is gradually released. China has 60% of the population in rural areas, if most people can achieve the standard of living of urban residents now generally, the development of the consumer market will be a significant impact. In 2007 the income of urban and rural residents in China the ratio of 1:3.33, 1:3.37 in 2008 to. The rural market contribution to total retail sales growth rate of 29.7% in 2005 increased to 30.9% in 2008, driving retail sales growth increased from 3.8 percentage points to 6.7 percentage points.

Driving home appliances to the countryside of rural market

In January of this year's situation, the growth rate of urban and rural consumer goods rose, because the basic values of the lower, in fact, the value of absolute growth is still very low.

2007 consumption rate of urban residents (per capita consumption expenditure / disposable income) was 72.5%, rural household consumption rate of 91.4%. Farmers do not have extra money to spend. 2007, rural savings deposits savings deposits represent only about 23%. January 2009 deposits grew faster than the national growth rate in loans, consumption weak.

From the relevant data, if simply relying on farmers to expand their consumption levels are quite difficult.

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"appliances To The Countryside" To Make Long

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This article was published on 2010/10/24